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Persuasion and Influence

"To become a great Leader you must become a great communicator"
Persuasion and Influence is a powerful programme that helps you develop your communication skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.
By providing a positive and supportive learning experience it empowers learners to develop -
Key skills
• Speaking • Presenting • Selling
Secondary skills
• Leadership • Communication • Writing • Listening • Evaluations • Thinking on your feet
• Self-confidence • Critical thinking • Time management • Team-building and Delegation
• Motivation • Planning and implementation
Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, you'll learn these skills by a process of ‘Action learning’.
Action learning’ is one of the best ways to learn a new skill and it’s fun. By improving these skills you can advance your career, enhance your reputation, boost your self-confidence and open up countless opportunities.
How the programme works
The success of the Persuasion and Influence programme depends on the participation of the learners. At weekly 2 hour meetings they are required to give presentations, evaluations and participate in impromptu speaking over a 6 week period.
Giving presentations
Following projects set out in the Persuasion and Influence workbook, learners give presentations focusing on specific areas of development and key skills.
Giving evaluations
Presentations are followed with an evaluation by a fellow learner, who points out strengths as well as suggest improvements. Constructive evaluations are central to the Persuasion and Influence programme as giving and receiving feedback is a great learning experience.
Thinking on your feet
Impromptu speaking is an important skill in the business world as spontaneous speaking situations occur all the time. There is nothing more challenging than trying to assemble your thoughts and speak on a moment’s notice.
For more information about the Persuasion and Influence programme then either
email me or call me on +44 (0)7736 642920
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