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Transformative Coaching

"Transformative Coaching" is working with you to wake up your infinite creative potential
and help you live an amazing and extraordinary life.
This powerful transformational coaching works at a deep level of MindConsciousness and Thought and gives life changing results that last.

Let me support you in your next challenge and help you achieve your goals

whether they be in your professional or personal life.

It could be something you want to create or accomplish in the world.

It could be something you're struggling with in your life.

It could be the conception or the birthing of the next chapter of your life.

It could be for your own personal development and your own curiosity about what really lies within you... 

"Lindsay is probably one of the best Transformational Coaches in the UK today." Andy

"Thanks to Lindsay's coaching I'd woken up to my inner wisdom and trusting myself implicitly, saved myself from losing my entire retirement fund." Stephen

"I think everyone should have a Lindsay Barn experience." Denise"

I now feel motivated, focussed, energised and completely inspired." David

For more than 16 years I've been working with people to help them overcome their fears, limiting beliefs

and phobias and helping them be the best they can and live their lives to their full potential using a variety of

change techniques including; NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Energy Work, Thought Field Therapy,

Mindset Coaching and a variety of psychology strategies.

A few years ago however I came across the work of Sydney Banks and his articulations on the Three Principles

of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, which now deeply influences myself and my work and forms the basis for my "Transformative Coaching" - a conversation that not only helps you to be more effective and successful,

but helps you to lead a richer life in the process.

I offer a variety of coaching programs either 1-2-1 in person,
by telephone, on-line via Zoom or a blend of all of them.
I also work with groups and teams and am available for
speaking engagements for conferences, meetings or other events.
Please contact me directly by email or by phone +44 (0)7736 642920 to discuss...
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