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Life became very different for me in 2008 when my daughter delivered the news that she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer with a life expectancy of only two years


My life up to this point had been pretty awesome and I’d always felt incredibly lucky and blessed to have been very fit and healthy and have a beautiful loving family.


I’d had a hugely interesting and varied career starting with a telecommunications apprenticeship, a period in materials management, some years as a professional musician and then worked my way up the corporate ladder in print management sales where I ended up as Sales Director for a European software services provider.


As I climbed the corporate ladder I was becoming less satisfied with my life but couldn’t figure out why as I thought I had everything - good job, money, nice house, car etc. On the surface I was living the dream but there was an unhappiness on the inside that I just couldn’t satisfy. Soon it started to affect my work and my performance and results suffered. However it was through this period of the late 90's that I started my journey of self discovery to try and find out who I was on the inside. Through this passion I began to study and learn techniques such as NLP, Hypnosis, Thought Field Therapy and lots of Psychology strategies as well as exploring the esoteric and spiritual nature of life. Over the years that followed I found myself starting to help others in their search for something deeper and more meaningful in their lives, but still didn't understand what was missing in my own life.

It was around this time that my daughter delivered her sad news and so I gave up work to focus on helping her and give her some quality of life in the short time that remained. Sadly things turned out worse than originally diagnosed and we lost her after just six months, but there was a moment we shared just before her passing that was to change my life forever…

This moment became my catalyst for change and after a very dark period of deep reflection I realised that I'd been looking for happiness in the wrong place..... I'd been looking on the outside, towards material objects and even other people to make me happy.

I realised that my happiness is my responsibility and that it was already within me and all I had to do was re-awaken it. It was a massive realisation for me and has changed my life at the deepest level.

For the first time I was feeling happy and peaceful about myself and about my life, and the more I opened up to this way of being the more life changed for the better and the more amazing things just seemed to happen.

I allowed myself to listen to my own truth and with this new way of being, began living in a truly authentic way that is incredibly empowering. Nothing in my life had changed but everything was different!


The profound moment I shared with my daughter just before her passing was a moment when we both experienced the deepest feeling of a complete inner peace, happiness and love, however at the time I was so stricken with sadness and grief I couldn't see or understand what was happening.

It wasn't until a few years later that I experienced an insight of absolute clarity, some may say it was an enlightenment experience, but it felt like something had just "popped" inside me and I suddenly "got it". The world looked a very different place and I finally understood how it all worked. How everything comes from within us and how we have the infinitely innate capacity to create our own beautiful and amazing lives.


Now everything made complete sense to me and so I began to help and coach people around finding their own inner peace and happiness and their experience of being human and how we already have everything we need to live an extraordinary, creative and amazing life.  We just need some help in re-awakening, re-discovering and understanding ourselves and the human condition.


You'll often hear me say, 'If you don't go within, you go without' and this is such a true statement for us all because;

an Extraordinary, Happy, Successful and Loving life, really is an inside job....

Contact me today and let me help you.......
"Wake up to your Infinite Creative Potential...
                                                               & Unleash your Inner Genius"
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