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Transformative Coaching

A quick introduction to my coaching

Over the years my work as a Coach has seen me help and support people overcome challenges and achieve goals in just about every area of their lives and in my experience I've found that it essentially involves doing three things in support of your presenting challenge or goal.


1. Waking you up to your inner spark - the very best you have inside you, and helping you to nurture your inner flame.

You know the expression "The lights are on but nobody is home"? - I've often found the opposite to be true. Most people I work with are technically home, but the lights just aren't on. In other words, they're able to wake up in the morning, go to work, and essentially and even effectively fulfill their duties as a functioning member of society - but there's no light in their eyes and no spark behind anything they do. That moment when the spark ignites and the light comes on can be one of the most satisfying things that happens in my work.

There is something at our very core that connects us up with the energy of life at a truly fundamental level. If we're religiously inclined we might call it "the holy spirit" or "our connection with God"; as someone who is spiritual but not religious, I have referred to it as everything from "the soul" to "our connection with the universe" and "pure consciousness" to "our true nature".

Whatever it is, it is us at our absolute best - and it is available to every human being at any time and every moment of their life. When we're asleep to this inner spark, we go through the motions and do our best to satisfy whatever it is we think will make us happy (or at least less miserable). As we wake up to it, our lives catch fire and we begin to live in the warmth and light of our own awakened spirit. And as we see and feel the benefits of living in a deeper feeling with more clarity and wisdom more of the time, we begin to nurture a deeper relationship with our own inner flame.

2. Guiding you towards a more functional understanding of how the mind really works.

The human mind is a deceptively simple piece of equipment. There are only three constants behind the operation of the mind, but the interplay of these constants is so powerful that they can produce an infinite variety of experiences;

  • The first constant is a higher order of intelligence - what we call "Mind" with a capital "M" because it's universal rather than personal. This intelligence is the source of fresh, relevant, in the moment wisdom, and when we learn to listen to this deeper Mind it guides us insightfully through life.

  • The second constant is a capacity for experience - what we call "Consciousness" with a capital "C" because it's universal rather than personal. Consciousness is what allows us to experience everything from a tree falling in a forest to the divine spark within us. This universal Consciousness is theoretically infinite, but we experience only a limited scope of this infinite potential in any given moment.

  • The third constant is a creative force - what we call "Thought" with a capital "T" because it's universal rather than personal. Thought is the ultimate content creator - it's the paintbrush that turns the invisible energy of life into visible forms that we can see, hear, taste, touch and smell when painted onto the canvass of Consciousness.

This is how Michael Neill describes the interplay of these three constants (usually known as the Three Principles) in his excellent book "The Inside-Out Revolution";

"Our experience of life is created from the inside out via the principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. We're living in the feeling of our thinking, not the feeling of the world.

Understanding this becomes ridiculously significant in navigating the world effectively. As long as we believe that our experience comes from outside our own minds, we're continually caught up in a cycle of reactivity, attempting to manipulate people and things to outside forces in order to avoid suffering and find happiness. The moment we see that our experience is only and always being created from the inside-out, we're able to ride the waves of our experience with more grace while creating what we want to see in the world in harmony with the deeper mind.

Having said that, the difference between getting this intellectually and "getting it" the way you get a joke means that we all find ourselves battling imaginary dragons from time to time. So while your understanding won't stop you from falling asleep, it will wake you up from the dream of Thought sooner and stop you from spending too much time and energy developing your dragon-fighting skills."

3. Acting as an insight catalyst and innovation partner.

In general people tend to want my help for one or both of two reasons;

a) There is something you are hoping to create or accomplish in the world and you want my support in helping you to create or accomplish it.

b) There is something you're struggling with in your life and you want my support in helping you overcome it.

So while working together waking up your inner spark and guiding you towards a more functional understanding of how the mind works I'm also helping you to find clarity and inspiration in relation to your goals and visions, insights into solving or dis-solving your problems, and a fresh new thinking that will propel you forward and unstick you when the path ahead seems blocked. One of the most helpful things I have to offer is that I am not you. That is, because I'm not stuck in the same made-up version of reality you're living in inside your mind, I can often see multiple paths to success while you're fixated on the one pathway that's blocked.

Let me support you in your next challenge and help you achieve your goals

whether they be in your professional or personal life.

It could be something you want to create or accomplish in the world.

It could be something you're struggling with in your life.

It could be the conception or the birthing of the next chapter of your life.

It could be for your own personal development and your curiosity about what really lies within you... 

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